Before your trip

The legislation in force in Spain and Canary Islands obliges any passenger over 6 years of age who participates on any kind of trip the islands with a holiday package, linked trip or flight, to provide on arrival a negative test certificate of Covid-19 performed maximum within 72 hours prior to arrival, in digital format or on paper support including english language. Decree Law 3996 17/2020 dated 31 October 2020. The test is mandatory and should be a PCR one.

Penalties might be applied if this mandatory issue is not fullfilled.

Before your flight and during the flight


Information on specific travel restrictions can be found here (IATA), here (EASA) and here (European Union)


We remind you that it is mandatory to complete a self-declaration of health for each passenger and each leg of the trip. All forms must be completed before travel, we recommend arrive at the airport with the forms already printed and completed. Alternatively, you will receive a paper copy at the airport. You will be asked for proof of form compliance during your trip. If you do not complete all the required boxes on each form or submit non-compliant data, they will result in a ban on boarding or denied entry to your destination.

Fill out the form here

If you are unable to complete online self-declaration, you have the possibility to download it here


Do I need to wear a mask? It is mandatory to wear a face mask on board, please bring your own face mask (fabric masks are not accepted on board, only medical masks are valid for travel). Make sure you have enough masks for the duration of your trip according to the manufacturer's specifications. Children under 6 years of age and those who for medical reasons cannot wear a mask are exempt from the obligation to wear a mask.

What if I don't wear a mask? Passengers without a mask will not be able to continue their journey.

Onboard service: There are no duty-free sales or other non-essential products on board. Where possible, payment procedures involving contact, such as cash payments, should be avoided to mitigate transmission between crew members and passengers. Food preparation will not be carried out. If any, they will be prepackaged and sealed food on board.

No special dietary requirements or allergies will be met. Please note that pillows and blankets cannot be provided to passengers.

Changes to on-board seats: Whenever the assignment of seats permits, an attempt will be made to maintain social distance. Intermediate seats on our flights will not be allocated when possible.

Protection in the aircraft cabin: Modern aircraft are equipped with the latest air filtration technology. HEPA filters are effective at capturing nearly 100% of microbes in the air, including bacteria and viruses, and perform similarly to those used in hospital operating rooms. All airlines have introduced improved cleaning procedures and carry precautionary kits in the aircraft.

Social distance: Respect the social distance guidelines at the airport and on a plane..

Avoid contact with the airport and aircraft surfaces when possible.

Arrival at the airport and check-in: Do not travel if you show any symptoms, you and those who accompany you will not be accepted to travel.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19, do not go to the airport and contact us.

Access to the airport may be restricted to travellers and crews only.

Please plan your trip, boarding times may be increased due to COVID measures.

Make sure you do not include lithium-powered devices in your checked baggage.

Hygienic measurements during your trip:

Hand hygiene practices: Hand hygiene is extremely important to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus

Respiratory label: Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. Do this with a tissue or the inside of your elbow. This is the most important thing you can do to stop the spread of the disease.

Avoid direct contact with other passengers.

Shipment: Boarding will take place in groups, unfortunately boarding may take longer than usual.

Families will be allowed to board together.

Use of the lavatories: As a safety measure one of the lavatories on board will be blocked for use by the crew. Soap is available in aircraft services, wash your hands with soap after use (soap is the most effective way to remove the new coronavirus).

Upon arrival and during your stay

Upon arrival at the destination airport, there may be some control measure, such as temperature intake. The use of masks throughout the Spanish territory is mandatory.

Such masks can be removed in your room and as long as you are exclusively with members of your family or regular companions, as well as during bathing on the beaches and swimming pools and during the consumption of meals and drinks, but you must stay with them on for the rest of the time, including the walk on the beach. It is compulsory to download the application Radar Covid in your mobile device and keep it activated thrughout your stay in Spain.

It is recommended to maintain a social distance of a minimum of 1.5 meters. Take advantage of the good climate of the Canary Islands to consume meals and drinks on the terraces of our bars and restaurants as much as possible.

All accommodation establishments in the Canary Islands have taken effective disinfection and hygiene measures against the Covid-19, making available to all guests of hydroalcoholic gel at strategic points of the establishment so that it is protected, and other protective measures to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Follow the directions of your accommodation.

If you or any member of your group feels unwell during your stay, immediately call reception or your flytoCanarias/Global Travel Management delegate and wait for instructions. They will be able to give them concrete indications of how to act.

And now, enjoy your trip and your stay. You're the most important to us.